S. No. Plant/Project (As established by CREDA & according to the Criteria set) State Grants per Watt Eligibility for State Grant
1 Solar Home Light (37 Watts) Rs. 3000/- per Unit Domestic
2 Solar Street Light (75 Watts)
Solar Street Light (37 Watts)
Rs. 6000/- per Unit
Rs. 3000/- per Unit
Community, Govt. Organizations and Institutions
3 Solar Power Plant (Off Grid) 1 to 10 KW Capacity
Minimum 7.2 Vah/W capacity with battery
>7.2 Vah/W with Battery
Rs. 28/- per Watt
Rs. 22/- per Watt
All (Domestic 10 KW capacity) Community,
Govt. Organizations, Professional and Institutions
4 > 10 KW to 50 KW Capacity with 7.2 Vah/W Battery
< 7.2 Vah/W with battery
Rs. 22/- per Watt
Rs. 20/- per Watt
All (Domestic 10 KW capacity) Community,
Govt. Organizations, Professional and Institutions
5 Solar Power Pack
1. 150 Watt Capacity
2. 300 Watt Capacity
3. 500 Watt Capacity
Rs. 4500/- per Unit
Rs. 9000/- per Unit
Rs. 14500/- pet Unit
All (Domestic, Community, Govt. Organizations, Institutions and Business)
6 Solar Irrigation Pump (up to 5 HP) Rs. 50/- per Watt or
Maximum Rs. 2.00 Lakhs per plant
Private Farmer, Community and Govt. Organizations
7 Solar Water Purification Plant (Minimum 900 Watts module R.O.+ U.V, I.R.P Water ATM/Coin Vending Machine) Rs. 300000/- per Unit Community and Govt. Organizations
8 Drinking Water Pump (minimum 900 Watts module, 4.5 Meter Stand and 5000 Litres Water Tank capacity with Solar Dual Pump) Rs. 100000/- per H.P Community and Govt. Organizations
9 Solar Highmast System 900 Watt Module Capacity and 9 Meter Height, (Lithium Fero-Phophate Battery based) 7.2 Vah/W with Battery
< 7.2 Vah/W with battery
Rs. 150000/- per Unit
Equivalent to M.N.R.E
Community and Govt. Organizations
10 Off Grid Solar Wind Hybrid Power Plant (5 KW) Rs. 400000/- per Unit All Except Industrial unit
11 Solar Community Irrigation Scheme
(Minimum 7.5 HP capacity solar pump, civil work like: platform/intake well/ buffer well, swamp well, fencing work, facility of water distribution to Farmers Group with the help of underground pipe)
Five Years Operations and beneficiary training programme
Rs. 1.8 lakhs per hectare Community (Minimum 10 hectare Arable Land )
12 Solar Television (32' LED TV 150 WP Module, 150 Ah/ 12 V LMLA Battery,
100 VA PCU, TV stand with STB)
Rs. 50000/- per Unit Non - Profit Organisations
13 Solar Cold Storage
(4 Kg. watt module, 5-ton storage capacity)
Rs. 400000/- per Unit Farmer Group/ Govt. Organizations
14 Solar Tricycle
(24 watts/ 250 Watts motor capacity and 100 Watts module,
24 Volts /24 Ah Battery capacity)
Rs. 75000/- per Unit For Personal/Disabled
15 Solar Cooker
(Box and Dish type)
Rs. 3800/- per square meter All beneficiary (Domestic, Institutions, Community, Govt. Organizations, Business)
16 Solar Steam Cooking/ Air Conditioning Plant A) Solar Steam Cooking Plant Rs. 3600/- per square meter
B) Solar Air Conditioning Plant Rs. 3600/- per square meter
Only for Government Organizations/ Departments
17 Solar Hot Water Plant A) 50 % of Plant installation cost
B) Under Market Mode
I) FPC Rs. 3500/- per square meter
II) ETC Rs. 3000/- per square meter
Only for Government Organizations/ Departments
All (Domestic, Community, Institutional and Business)
18 Domestic (Family oriented) Biomass Plant
(minimum 2 to 6 cubic metre)
NBMMP Program (Dung Base) Rs. 9000/- per plant
Dung Base Pre-Fabricated Biogas Plant Rs. 9000/- per plant
Personal interests of all sections
19 Advanced Stove Program Biomass Cook Stove (MNRE approved Model)
A) Domestic
B) Community
(i) Natural Draft Rs. 300/-
(ii) Forced Draft Rs. 600/-
(i) Natural Draft Rs. 1000/-
(ii) Forced Draft Rs. 2000/-
All beneficiary (Domestic , Business,
Community, Govt. Organizations, Institutions)